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Office Products proudly working with...

Office Products proudly working with...

Here at Office we know how important it is to give back, we have partnered with 4 chosen charities that we are working with to build awareness and support for their respective areas and the amazing work they accomplish.

All of the amazing groups we have chosen to partner with, rely upon support ranging from individuals to big business in order to enable them to continue providing support wherever needed. Every Social media like, share, tweet or verbal conversation about their work is important to them to increase awareness of the charities, that single action may reach someone who needs their help and was unaware of them.

We would love for you to take some time to read about each charity and the work we are doing with them.

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Rubens Retreat

Reuben's Retreat is a charity which was set up in order to honor the memory of Reuben Michael Graham, who tragically passed away in August 2012 at the age of just 23 months. His spirit lives on through the heart of the work carried out by the charity, our vision is to create a home from home for families who have been bereaved of a child.

Reuben's Retreat continue to provide a safe haven to children who may have life limiting conditions alongside their parents and siblings and provide support specific to any child's needs in the form of therapeutic activities, drop in sessions, counselling and peer support groups at every stage.

All donations sent to Reuben's Retreat continue to go a long way in helping them to achieve their goals as a charity and help to continue the phenomenal support of families experiencing difficult and traumatic times.

To learn more about the fantastic work that Reuben's Retreat carries out all year round, please visit

Andys Man Club

Formed following the sudden tragic suicide of Andy Roberts, Andy's Man Club has been running as a charity organization for the last 3 years. The resulting devastation that hit Andy's family following his suicide sparked Andy's brother-in-law, professional rugby player Luke Ambler to put all his time and effort into ensuring he could prevent as many families as possible from having to live through the same traumas.

Luke created a men's group called Andy's Man Club, who hold group sessions in the hope of changing the lives of others who feel they may have hit rock bottom and are going through dark times. Andy's Man Club has nearly 600 men who have now taken the brave step to attend one of the 20 clubs situated across the UK, with the peer-to-peer support groups running every Monday night at 7pm (excluding Bank Holidays).

There are no referrals, sign-ups, registrations or costs required – Andy's Man Club is open to any man over 18 and those who attend don't need to have experienced suicidal thoughts or have mental conditions in order to share their thoughts and feelings with others in attendance.

To read more about how Andy's Man Club is continuing to change the lives of those going through times of struggle, please visit

Give a Duck

Set up in order to support the charitable work already being provided by Gabe's Chemo Duck (a Charity/Non-profit Organisation based in the USA), Give A Duck is a charity programme based in the UK focusing on a play therapy initiative for children going through chemotherapy after being diagnosed with cancer.

The programme has been developed to support and educate children and their families throughout the diagnosis and treatment stages of cancer with the use of Chemo Ducks. Give A Duck aim to deliver this effective and life-changing tool to every childhood cancer centre located in England and Wales whilst working with cancer centres and local charities in order to provide every affected child with a Chemo Duck as part of the scheme.

Every Chemo Duck given to a child who has been diagnosed with cancer provides a soft, cuddly companion to inspire huggable hope whilst helping to relieve fear and anxiety during every part of the chemotherapy process. Give A Duck have worked tirelessly to bring the Chemo Duck scheme over to the UK for children affected by cancer to benefit through the power of play therapy with a friendly companion.

To learn further on Give A Duck's aim to ensure every child in the UK diagnosed with cancer is provided with this unique programme to help them on their journey through treatment, please visit:

Trees for Life

Established for over 25 years, Trees for Life is a multi-award-winning conservation charity which has worked with almost 5,000 volunteers in a bid to rescue the Caledonian Forest and the wildlife that inhibit it. During the time it has been formed, Trees for Life has gone on to plant more than 1,500,000 trees whilst maintaining a long-term vision to save the Caledonian Forest from destruction.

With their intent to preserve the precious woodland and wildlife, Trees for Life are responsible for nurturing seedlings whilst also planting native trees to encourage natural regeneration. In terms of giving a helping hand to wildlife, the charity works to re-introduce missing species, such as red squirrels, back into the wild forest and are actively inspiring people of all ages and abilities to become involved in rewilding.

Results of their work has meant the removal of hundred of acres of non-native species which in turn has helped them to establish a flourishing new nursery with more than 60,000 trees being grown every year. Pulling down redundant fencing in order to help wildlife's survival has led to the creation of 44 major-tree-planting sites across Scotland.

To understand further how donations toward Trees for Life are helping to give back to nature, please visit: and to view the Office Products donations grove, please click here.



Reubens Retreat Andys Man Club Give A Duck Trees for Life

We love giving back to good causes or helping smaller charities. Providing a helping hand sometimes makes all the difference.

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